WIP :: Ombre Cardigan


After several months hibernating in my closet, I have finally decided to pick this project back up and finish it.


I’m in love with the softness of this sweater and how the shades of buttercup yellow blend so nicely with the deeper toned gold. This will be my go-to sweater this spring and I’m so excited to finally be able to wear it and show it off. When I finished the body of this sweater last August, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t knit another sweater using small yarn/needles again.  However, I’m already dreaming of this cardigan in 2 of my favorite colors: seabreeze & mallard. I think the shades of light & dark aqua will mesh beautifully with each other. I’ve already dedicated this summer to that project and can’t wait until I can pick up those size 6 needles with 2 strands of laceweight yarn wrapped between my fingers and begin the process all over again.

In the coming months, I will have several FO posts/pictures to show off. I seem to be finishing all of my spring/summer sweaters this winter, but it is way too cold (temps around -15) to take any finished pictures just yet. I’m hoping to start those FO posts in March, unless February surprises us with warmer temps. Happy Knitting everyone!

Busy Bee

Where has the summer gone?!?  I’ve been so super busy at my job and at outdoor chores (gardening, repairs, etc.) that I haven’t had as much time for my knitting.  However, next week is a vacation week for me and I plan on finishing my Ombre Cardigan (which is almost done… about 85% of it anyway) as well as to knit my dad a super chunky ribbed scarf.  (why not get started on all those Christmas presents now..?!)  Plus, I’ll be staining the deck, repainting parts of the house and I’m going to try to sneak in a mini day trip to Schoodic Point/Bar Harbor.  Whoo… I have a feeling my vacation is going to be a blur.  lol

I’ll be posting progress pictures of my cardigan in a week or so, along with a few pictures of the yarn I just ordered from Tanis Fiber Arts.  I already have a few Fall projects in mind that I’m just itching to knit, but more on that next week.  🙂


Weather:  67 degrees

I’ve been steadily working away at my Ombre Cardigan.  I’m roughly 5″ along in the Buttercup colorway and still need to knit another 2.5″ before adding the Gold colorway.  Hopefully after this weekend, I’ll be far enough along that the sleeves will be separated.  This is my goal, anyway.  However, the weather is suppose to be nice all weekend, so you never know what will happen with my “goal”.  🙂

In other news, I finished my shawl.  I’m hoping to snap a few pictures of it this weekend.  Here’s a picture of it while blocking:

It kinda reminds me of a Batman cape, but I still LOVE this shawl.  🙂  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!


The strawberry patch!

My final college class ended last week and now I’m patiently waiting for my grade as well as my degree.  In the meantime, I’ve been super busy at my job, tasks around the house, running errands, and basically trying to keep up with life.  This has left me with little time for knitting, but I still sneak in a row or two each day.  🙂

My shawl is almost complete and I should have FO pictures of it next week sometime.  I’m also starting a KAL (Knit-A-Long) through the Tanis Fiber Arts group on Ravelry.  The project I’ve picked is the Ombre cardigan using the Buttercup & Gold colorways.  I am so excited for this project and can’t wait to finish it so that I can show it off!  (And I haven’t even cast on yet! lol)

Since I don’t have any pictures of my knitting, I’ve decided to post a few snapshots of spring around the farm.  Everything is so new and so beautiful and so green.  I can’t get enough of it!

Spring Lilacs!
White Birch Trees

New Pattern, New Designer

I spent the latter part of last week trying new projects and reluctantly ripping apart anything I started.  For some reason, I just couldn’t keep any of my knitting on track and was not pleased with any of the results, which made me very frustrated.  I hate feeling this way, especially with a craft that normally brings me so much joy.  On a positive note, the Tanis Fiber Arts yarn holds up extremely well under pressure.  I frogged two projects between twelve and fifteen times total and the yarn held its shape/elasticity perfectly.

On Saturday, I spent a good part of the day browsing Ravelry for a pattern that I would like/use and a pattern that would suit the Blue Label “shadow” yarn in my stash.  Since I’m absolutely horrible at knitting socks (and will probably not cast on for a pair of socks for a very long time!) and somehow couldn’t figure out the provisional cast on (again, a skill that I intend on putting off for a very long time!), I finally discovered a beautiful pattern by Vanessa Smith, the creator of Knit Rhapsody:  The Sarai Shawl.  I’m in love with this pattern and how well it is written.

So far, I’ve only knit through 25% of this pattern, but I love how easily and quickly this shawl is coming together.  And, the pattern comes with 3 different border options once the body of the shawl is knit.  I’ve already decided which border I’ll be knitting plus adding a slight modification, but I will talk more about this once the shawl is complete.

Knit Rhapsody is such a cool website; I suggest all knitters take a peek through the patterns listed there.  I’ve already picked a couple more shawls I plan on knitting this summer (in TanisFiber Arts yarn, of course!) and don’t forget to check out those sweater patterns, which are just gorgeous.  It’s designers like Vanessa that make me wish I had more time in my week for knitting.  🙂

FO: The Midnight Scarf

PatternThe Ericka Scarf by Gina House (from the book:  Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders)

YarnTanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in “Midnight”

Modifications?  Yes, I re-gauged this pattern since my gauge was off and re-configured the amount of stitches I would need to cast on to maintain the garter stitch border and the pattern stitch.  (Thank you, Wendy Bernard!)  I also knit a length of about 41-42″ instead of the recommended 55″.  I didn’t need a very long scarf since it’s spring here in Maine, but I did want something to keep my neck warm on those cool mornings and evenings.

Ravelry Link:  Find more pictures & information here!


Long Weekend

I’ve been sick as a dog the past 3 weeks.  I caught a nasty cold bug that quickly turned into bronchitis, which is something that I’ve never experienced before and never want to experience again.  I’m just now starting to feel better but still have a bad cough.  And to make matters worse, I bruised a rib on my left side from coughing so often and so violently.  This is definitely something that I never want to face again in my lifetime.

On the bright side, I took some much needed time off from work and have really been able to tackle my Midnight Scarf.  I’m down to the last 9” of scarf to knit and I’m hoping to complete (and wear!) this project by next weekend.  After examining my stash, I’ve also come to the conclusion that I need to finish some projects and “clean out” the piles of yarn that I’ve hoarded over the past few years.  So, in an attempt to justify any future knitting purchases (i.e. the French Braid Cardigan + yarn), I’ve made a knitter’s goal list:

  • Finish the Midnight Scarf
  • Finish the Ladybug Lace Cardigan (which is 2 years in the making….)
  • Start & complete the In The Alpha’s Shadow socks
  • Sort through stashed yarn & advertise skeins/balls for sale on Ravelry
  • Re-organize remaining stash yarn with obvious room for future yarn purchases

I will feel much better purchasing and starting the French Braid cardigan once the above 5 goals are met.  Call me crazy, but my love for knitting and yarn has gotten a little out of control of the past few years and needs a serious overhaul.

I’m lucky enough to be blessed with a 3 day weekend (thank you Maine for still taking part in Patriot’s Day!) and as an added bonus, our temperatures are expected to be in the 70s and 80s.  Front porch knitting, here I come!