…To knit patterns that I really, really want to knit…

…To find a bit more happiness, peace, time & freedom in my life…

…To find honesty with myself when I need to make tough decisions within my life…

…To finally be allowed to take a step back from life and BREATH

Normally, I can never keep the resolutions I make every January.  But this year, I’m going to try really hard to change that.  I’m excited about the resolutions I’ve made for myself.  I’m ready for what this year might bring, even if that means forcing me out of my “comfort zone” a time or two.  So, here’s to a new year and new beginnings!  🙂

Busy Bee

Where has the summer gone?!?  I’ve been so super busy at my job and at outdoor chores (gardening, repairs, etc.) that I haven’t had as much time for my knitting.  However, next week is a vacation week for me and I plan on finishing my Ombre Cardigan (which is almost done… about 85% of it anyway) as well as to knit my dad a super chunky ribbed scarf.  (why not get started on all those Christmas presents now..?!)  Plus, I’ll be staining the deck, repainting parts of the house and I’m going to try to sneak in a mini day trip to Schoodic Point/Bar Harbor.  Whoo… I have a feeling my vacation is going to be a blur.  lol

I’ll be posting progress pictures of my cardigan in a week or so, along with a few pictures of the yarn I just ordered from Tanis Fiber Arts.  I already have a few Fall projects in mind that I’m just itching to knit, but more on that next week.  🙂


The strawberry patch!

My final college class ended last week and now I’m patiently waiting for my grade as well as my degree.  In the meantime, I’ve been super busy at my job, tasks around the house, running errands, and basically trying to keep up with life.  This has left me with little time for knitting, but I still sneak in a row or two each day.  🙂

My shawl is almost complete and I should have FO pictures of it next week sometime.  I’m also starting a KAL (Knit-A-Long) through the Tanis Fiber Arts group on Ravelry.  The project I’ve picked is the Ombre cardigan using the Buttercup & Gold colorways.  I am so excited for this project and can’t wait to finish it so that I can show it off!  (And I haven’t even cast on yet! lol)

Since I don’t have any pictures of my knitting, I’ve decided to post a few snapshots of spring around the farm.  Everything is so new and so beautiful and so green.  I can’t get enough of it!

Spring Lilacs!
White Birch Trees


This is a short post today with no progress pictures.  I’m still busily working away at the Less Is More Cowl & the Christmas dishcloths in between finishing 2 college courses and working at my full-time job.  Plus, my small flock of chickens got sick this week and I’ve been working away at administering medication to them.  Such a crazy, busy time of the year!  (and honestly, I love Christmas, but I’ll be glad when January is here)

FO posts/pictures of both projects should be up by next week.  =)

Goodbye Cleo

This past spring, I purchased 8 baby chicks from our local milling store. One of those babies was an Auracana “Easter Egg” chicken. Unfortunately, she was born with a crooked beak, which, after researching online, is common within her breed.  Naturally, I babied her right from the start and continued “mothering” her as she got older.  I named her Cleopatra (“Cleo” for short) because of the unusual markings on the feathers on her face, which reminded me of black eyeliner.  Over the summer, I tried to introduce her, along with the rest of the chickens within her flock, to my older girls in the coop.  She was immediately shunned from the group and I snatched her up, along with another chicken, and moved them to the barn.  The past 2 months have been blissfully happy for both chickens and although Cleo has struggled to eat her food due to her crooked lower beak; she had the best personality of any farm animal/chicken I’ve known.  Let’s face it, she became a pet because of her unique situation and I made the horrible mistake of not only naming her, but of treating her special and giving her extra attention.  The other day, I came home to find her dead, which I knew would eventually happen, but I didn’t realize how soon.  I also didn’t realize how much I actually loved that little chicken.  At least I can rest assured that she is no longer suffering with a crooked beak, but it’s sad to lose any animal, let alone an animal that has become special in its own way.  So, goodbye Miss Cleo chicken…. at least you had a good life in the short time you were here on earth.

Fall is coming….

At the wee hours of the early morning, while on my way to the chicken coop, I was greeted by fog drifting over the fields, through the woods, and stretching across the Canadian hills in the distance.  It was absolutely breath-taking and I found myself caught up in the moment, frantically snapping as many pictures as I possibly could.  One photo set itself apart from the others, displaying the fog hovering above our top field, which is something I’ve never seen before.  Normally, when fog rolls in, it consumes everything, but not this time.  Check it out:

With the temperature steady in the 50’s and the crispness of Fall in the air, this was a perfect morning to relax on the porch with a hot cup of coffee.