I’m Back

So it has been a really long time since I’ve posted on this blog.  My life hasn’t changed too much since my last entry.  I’m still working a 9-5 job and squeezing in as much knitting time as possible in my off hours.  I guess I just let my blog sit on the back-burner for a while so I could focus more on life.  Sometimes trying to keep up with all of the social media can feel very overwhelming and we forget that there is a great big world out there just waiting for us to enjoy it.  However, with that being said, I have decided to return to the blogging world.  My hope for this site is to continue what I started all of those years ago but include more of the process of my knitting.  I’d like to talk more about the yarns I’m using, if I would use them again, and how they hold up as a finished knit.  The same applies to the patterns I use.  Is it a well written pattern?  Would I knit this pattern again?  Or, what was I thinking when I purchased this?  Fingers crossed that I can keep myself focused on maintaining this site and bringing my knitting journal to life.

With all of that said (and a rare day off from work)…. I’m now off to knit!


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