FO: The Long Scarf

I’ve recently completed one Christmas present:  Dad’s Long Scarf.  I had a couple of skeins of hand-dyed Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in stash and decided that it would be perfect as a nice, cozy scarf.  A basic garter stitch design was put to use since dad’s request had been for a super long scarf that he could “wrap around and around and around” his neck.  Plus, I was craving some relaxing tv knitting.  (Which was perfect for Wednesday evenings while I watched Nashville!)

I knit this scarf width-wise instead of using the traditional method.  For some reason, in my mind, I thought that this would cut my knitting time in half, but it didn’t.  It took me about the same amount of time that it would have taken me if I had knit the scarf length-wise.  But, in my defense, I did create a pretty cool looking scarf with the garter-stitches going in a different direction.  🙂

The scarf’s length is about 50-60″ long.  I’m 5’5″ and if I place the scarf around my neck without wrapping it, then the scarf will fall to about mid-thigh, almost to my knees.  Here’s the pattern, in case anyone out there would like to knit a long scarf for him or herself:

Gauge: 3 stitches to 1” on size 10.5 needles

CO: 180 stitches.

Knit for 36 rows or however wide you would like your scarf.

BO: use 1 size larger needle for a smoother BO. (I used a size 11 dpn)

Click Here Ravelry Project Page


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