Where have I been?!?

Disinfecting my yarn stash from moths and very slowly working away at my Ombre cardigan.  Yes, you heard me right, moths!!!  I purchased my first skein of JoJoland 100% cashmere yarn a few weeks ago and couldn’t keep my hands off of it.  This turned out to be a good thing because a couple of weeks ago, as I was picking it up to feel how soft it is again, a moth flew right out of it.  I guess I shouldn’t be completely shocked by this since I hadn’t kept my yarn stash as moth-proof as I should have been.  For some reason, I thought plastic containers would keep all my precious yarns safe.  So, I started the long process of freezing a few skeins of yarn a week and then sealing said yarn in Freezer bags.  I still have quite a bit of stash to go through, but this  has given me the opportunity to examine all of the yarn I’ve hoarded throughout the years and make plans on how I will use it all up.


My Ombre cardigan is coming along beautifully and I am so in love with this pattern.  I’ve already made plans to knit more Ombre cardigans (at least 2 more) in the coming year.  I’m finally knitting the bottom band (almost to the ribbed portion) and can’t wait to have this complete.  However, not all members of my family feel the same way.  My mom noticed me knitting on this cardigan the other night and exclaimed, “It looks like you spilled orange juice all over the bottom of your sweater.”  I tried explaining that it’s suppose to look like that… gradual color shifts and all that, but she doesn’t agree.  Once the cardigan is complete, I think she’ll be singing a different tune.  🙂  Progress pictures will be coming very soon!!


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