New Pattern, New Designer

I spent the latter part of last week trying new projects and reluctantly ripping apart anything I started.  For some reason, I just couldn’t keep any of my knitting on track and was not pleased with any of the results, which made me very frustrated.  I hate feeling this way, especially with a craft that normally brings me so much joy.  On a positive note, the Tanis Fiber Arts yarn holds up extremely well under pressure.  I frogged two projects between twelve and fifteen times total and the yarn held its shape/elasticity perfectly.

On Saturday, I spent a good part of the day browsing Ravelry for a pattern that I would like/use and a pattern that would suit the Blue Label “shadow” yarn in my stash.  Since I’m absolutely horrible at knitting socks (and will probably not cast on for a pair of socks for a very long time!) and somehow couldn’t figure out the provisional cast on (again, a skill that I intend on putting off for a very long time!), I finally discovered a beautiful pattern by Vanessa Smith, the creator of Knit Rhapsody:  The Sarai Shawl.  I’m in love with this pattern and how well it is written.

So far, I’ve only knit through 25% of this pattern, but I love how easily and quickly this shawl is coming together.  And, the pattern comes with 3 different border options once the body of the shawl is knit.  I’ve already decided which border I’ll be knitting plus adding a slight modification, but I will talk more about this once the shawl is complete.

Knit Rhapsody is such a cool website; I suggest all knitters take a peek through the patterns listed there.  I’ve already picked a couple more shawls I plan on knitting this summer (in TanisFiber Arts yarn, of course!) and don’t forget to check out those sweater patterns, which are just gorgeous.  It’s designers like Vanessa that make me wish I had more time in my week for knitting.  🙂


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