Works In Progress

March has been crazy, super busy for me and I’m so thankful it’s finally over.  I had big plans for releasing my cabled warmth cowl this month, but seeing as how “spring has sprung” and my pattern is designed for the cold, snowy days of winter, I’ve decided to wait and release the pattern in the fall.  That doesn’t mean I can’t get FO pictures (finally!) of the pattern at some point in April and post them on here.  =)

I’m finally in my last month of college (yay!!) and will have a much anticipated Bachelor of Science degree in my hot little hands come May.  It has been five, very long years tediously working away at this degree part-time while working a full-time job and for anyone out there just starting college fresh from high school, I highly advise you to pick some sort of major and get that degree while life is still relatively easy.  Once you’re out in the workforce, it can be difficult to find the time, let alone the energy, to start and finish a college degree program, especially when you have so many hobbies, like knitting, to distract you.  *smile*

Speaking of knitting, I’m currently working on two projects:  The Midnight Scarf (featuring TFA Blue Label in “Midnight” – stash yarn) and the Petal Soft Cable/Lace Kimono (featuring Quince & Co. Lark in “Petal”).  I am in love with both yarns, their color, and how they are working up into beautiful knitted pieces.  The Midnight Scarf was inspired by my recent purchase of the American Eagle jeans jacket.  As always, I was rummaging through my wardrobe and decided I needed a new spring jacket and once purchased, began rummaging through my yarn stash to find a color that would compliment it.  The “midnight” color-way is absolutely gorgeous, with shades of black, navy and bright blue throughout, and once knitted up, the colors remind me of cool river water.  I’m hoping to complete this project by mid-April.

I started the Petal Soft Cable/Lace Kimono at the beginning of March and it has been very slow going ever since.  The pattern is worked in pieces and I’ve almost completed the back portion (which I’m guessing will be the largest piece, I hope) and still need to knit both front pieces and the sleeves.  I was a bit reluctant to purchase the “petal” color-way, but am so glad I did.  It’s a light, warm pink, almost peach color, and looks fabulous knit up in the lace and cable design of the kimono.  I’m hoping to have this garment finished by the first of June, which will be perfect timing forMaine’s cool-ish spring/summer weather.


Have you checked out the TFA blog lately?!?  Tanis will be releasing a new pattern soon (the French Braid cardigan) and I’m definitely considering a knitter splurge!  This cardigan is so simple and elegant in design and, I think, will look lovely in the “spearmint” color-way listed on her website.  Visions of lazy summer days knitting on the porch are dancing through my head right now.  =)


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