Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few weeks have flown by for me.  I’ve been working 10 hour days Monday-Friday as well as a 4 hour shift on Saturday, which leaves minimal time for knitting.  However, I’ve been able to finally complete my Cabled Warmth Cowl this week and I’m so excited to finally have a nice, warm, cozy neck scarf to keep February’s bitterly cold bite far away.  Plus, the ocean green color matches my navy blue jacket!!

In my scatter-brained attempt to make sure I had enough yarn to complete this project (because 2 weeks ago I was half done and had a minor panic attack that I might not have enough ocean green wool to finish this project), I purchased another skein from Romney Ridge Farm only to realize that my cowl design only used up .90 (220 yards out of the generous 245/yd skein) of the original skein.  So now I have another skein of ocean green wool to use up and I have decided to design & knit myself a matching beanie.  Except this time, I’m going to knit from the top down instead of the bottom up!  (I know what you all are thinking… all that cold air in Maine has frozen away her sanity!)  But after reading Wendy Bernard’s newest book, Custom Knits 2, I thought it would be challenging and fun to try a new approach to knitting a hat.  I might also attempt Thrummed Mittens with whatever ocean green wool is leftover after the hat, but I’m not quite sure about this one yet.

FO pictures of my cowl will be posted sometime next week.  =)