Budding Designer!

I’ve decided to clean out some of my yarn stash. However, the majority of my stash is “real” wool from local farmers across the state of Maine. I love real fibers… the smell, the texture, the quality in my knitting. The only gripe I have is finding a pattern to match the gauge I swatch or vice versa. In most cases, when I gauge real wool, it normally comes out at the same gauge on a variety of needles. (i.e. 4 stitches = 1″ on size 7-10) It’s so weird and I’m not sure what the cause is behind this phenomena. My solution? Design my own patterns to match the gauge(s) I’m getting. This not only helps me to clean out my yarn stash, but it also provides me with unique knitwear that I know I’m going to want to wear. Have you ever knitted a pattern to discover that, once complete, it’s not something you really wanted after all? This has happened more times than I care to tell, but I’m hoping with my own designs that I will eliminate this knitting dilemma.

I’m currently working with a skein of ocean green wool yarn from Romney Ridge Farm. I’ve created a classic cable/rib chart pattern, which I’m knitting into a mobius-style cowl. The project page is located here and I’m hoping to snap a sneak-peak picture this weekend. Once complete, this pattern will be offered as a free Ravelry download. I can’t wait to share this design!!  =)


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