2012 Resolutions

My knitting resolutions for 2011 consisted of how many patterns I could knit and how much stash yarn I could use up.  The reality of those resolutions weren’t quite as I had hoped and I realized that half of the patterns I was knitting, I probably wouldn’t wear.  Isn’t that awful to think?  I’m spending all of my hard earned time, energy & money on items that won’t see much wear.  So, after much pattern queue sorting, I finally constructed a list of projects that I know I will wear and enjoy.  In 2012, my goals are to knit as many patterns from my Ravelry Queue as I possibly can (while working a 40 hour job & finishing my final college class)  I honestly think I can complete at least 10 projects from my list in the new year.  (Or maybe I’m just having New Years delusions right now…)  In any case, here’s to the new year and new knitting!  🙂

T.G.I.P.: Hiatus

No progress updates since I’m putting the finishing touches on mom’s Less Is More Cowl and the Christmas dishcloths.  I’m hoping to have FO posts on here within the next couple weeks.  And since I won’t be starting my next project until Christmas day (that’s right, I already know what one of my presents is! lol), I’ve decided to put my T.G.I.P. posts on hiatus until the New Year.  I can’t wait either because I’ve got so many projects planned for 2012… I’m getting excited just thinking about it!  🙂


This is a short post today with no progress pictures.  I’m still busily working away at the Less Is More Cowl & the Christmas dishcloths in between finishing 2 college courses and working at my full-time job.  Plus, my small flock of chickens got sick this week and I’ve been working away at administering medication to them.  Such a crazy, busy time of the year!  (and honestly, I love Christmas, but I’ll be glad when January is here)

FO posts/pictures of both projects should be up by next week.  =)


I’m still working away at the Less Is More Cowl for mom.  FO post and pictures should be up by next week.  In the meantime, I’ve casted on for a couple of Christmas colored dishcloths, which I plan on combining with 4 stainless steel coffee cups & a balsam scented candle for my boyfriend’s family for Christmas.

Simple eyelet & garter stitch pattern.


Gotto love self-striping cotton yarn!