I snapped a few pictures of my Less Is More Cowl this morning & the natural light is not bringing out the rich tonal colors of the Amber yarn the way I would like it to.  So I decided to capture my work in progress in black & white.

I’ve completed 4 of the 7 charts in the pattern.  I can’t wait to get this cowl finished!  My mom is going to be so surprised on Christmas morning when she unwraps this beautiful present.  I showed her the yarn when I first received it in the mail from Tanis Fiber Arts and she liked the color-way, but has no idea that I’m knitting her a gift using that yarn.  I’ve tried knitting her Christmas presents in the past and those presents have never gone over very well with her.  Either the yarn was too scratchy or the knitted gift didn’t fit quite the way she would like.  This year, I chose a cashmere blend yarn and, what I think, is the perfect project to complement the yarn.  Plus, it will be a finished object that she can use all winter!

This was the best color shot I could get of this yarn.

This project should be complete by the end of next week, then its back to knitting those pesky socks for my dad.  This is my first attempt at knitting socks and I’m realizing why I hate sock knitting:  it’s boring.  (apologies to all those sock lovers out there!)  I’m not saying that I won’t ever knit socks again, but if I do, then I’m going to choose a pattern that is a lot more challenging than just plain ol’ ribs.  They’re just not cutting it for me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I’ve finished & mailed my idea to Quince & Co. for their design contest.  Here’s hoping I’m one of the lucky winners….

The drawing was done by my mom since my people drawing skills are terrible (and this cowl sketch would have ended up on a stick figure!)  The drawing gives the impression that the cowl is snug, but it will actually sit off the neck more once knit.  I’ve decided that even if I don’t win the contest, I will still knit my creation, write the pattern for it, and offer it for sale on Ravelry.  Why not?  I’ve already invested this much time and energy into it and I would love to see fellow knitters enjoy this cowl as much as I’m going to.

I’m still diligently working away at the lace cowl I’m knitting my mom for Christmas.  I’m only on chart #2 and still have 3 more charts to go before I’m finished.  Plus, I’m using size 5 needles and fingering weight yarn.  It’s definitely a slow process.  I’m hoping to have a few pictures of my progress on the lace cowl next Friday.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I received my Juniper Moon Farm order on Monday and absolutely love the yarn!  The staff also included 2 tape measures with the Juniper Moon Farm logo with my order, which I thought was a nice touch.  The original plans for this yarn have changed and now I’m designing my own cowl pattern to knit this beautiful skein of hand-dyed teal green wool.

Why my own design???  On Tuesday, I visited the Quince & Co. blog and discovered that they are holding a contest for scarf/cowl/wrap ideas for winter.  If your design is chosen, then it will be published on their website and you receive the royalties from each purchase of your pattern.  Not sure if my design is creative enough, but I’m going to give it a whirl.  If I win, then yay for me!  If I don’t win, then at least I gave it a shot and can still be proud of my accomplishment.  I’ll be posting photographs of my swatch/cowl design in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open for them!

Happy Knitting!


As it so happens, the beautiful Juniper Moon Farm Stormcloud Bulky yarn that I ordered last weekend was sold out after I placed my online order.  The staff was very helpful and courteous in getting in touch with me about the situation and offered me a substitute yarn in its place:

JMF Teal Bulky

I’m actually more in love with this yarn color than the original color I ordered.  And this color will definitely compliment my skin tone better than the blue-gray color.
Since it’s only one skein (120 yards) this also meant that I needed to change the original pattern I picked too.  I now plan on knitting the Quince & Co. Cullin Cowl over Thanksgiving break.

Now, onto some progress knitting.  I’ve been working diligently on the ribbed socks (for my dad) and have one almost complete.

The leg, heel & heel turn of the sock


Closer shot of the heel & heel turn of the sock

Sock knitting is so much easier than I thought it would be!  I’m hoping to have sock #1 finished this weekend and sock #2 complete (or almost complete) by next weekend.

Happy Knitting!