T.G.I.P. (Thank Goodness It’s Progress)

Instead of making this about my knitting progress (and yes, I do have a few pictures of mom’s Less Is More Cowl…. look for those next week), I’ve decided to post about the projects I will be starting in the month of November.

Knit Local:  Celebrating America’s Homegrown Yarns by Tanis Gray just came in to the local library today and I am IN LOVE with this book.  Already, I’ve picked out a handful of projects, using American grown/produced yarns, that I want to try my hand at making.  Anyway, the point of this story is that I found a new farm in Gray’s book called Juniper Moon Farm (they have a lambcam! too cute!) and once I Googled the website, I located a beautiful bulky wool yarn (Stormcloud) in almost the exact same color as my Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Shadow yarn.  So now I can make a nice cabled cowl to match the cabled hat I’ll be knitting in the near future.  I’m so excited!!  The Sweaterbabe #103 Luscious Cabled Cowl is one project I’ll be knitting in November.

The other project is a pair of men’s basic ribbed socks for my dad for Christmas.  Now, I’ve been a knitter for at least 5 years and I’ve never cast on for a pair of socks before.  (I know, gasp!)  So, this will be my first experience knitting a nice pair of wooly socks, which hopefully will fit my dad’s feet as well as keeping them nice and warm throughout the long winter months.


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