Goodbye Cleo

This past spring, I purchased 8 baby chicks from our local milling store. One of those babies was an Auracana “Easter Egg” chicken. Unfortunately, she was born with a crooked beak, which, after researching online, is common within her breed.  Naturally, I babied her right from the start and continued “mothering” her as she got older.  I named her Cleopatra (“Cleo” for short) because of the unusual markings on the feathers on her face, which reminded me of black eyeliner.  Over the summer, I tried to introduce her, along with the rest of the chickens within her flock, to my older girls in the coop.  She was immediately shunned from the group and I snatched her up, along with another chicken, and moved them to the barn.  The past 2 months have been blissfully happy for both chickens and although Cleo has struggled to eat her food due to her crooked lower beak; she had the best personality of any farm animal/chicken I’ve known.  Let’s face it, she became a pet because of her unique situation and I made the horrible mistake of not only naming her, but of treating her special and giving her extra attention.  The other day, I came home to find her dead, which I knew would eventually happen, but I didn’t realize how soon.  I also didn’t realize how much I actually loved that little chicken.  At least I can rest assured that she is no longer suffering with a crooked beak, but it’s sad to lose any animal, let alone an animal that has become special in its own way.  So, goodbye Miss Cleo chicken…. at least you had a good life in the short time you were here on earth.


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