Unfinished Projects

My goal for this month is to complete those pesky unfinished projects floating around the knitting stash. On my list of to-do are the following:

Leafless Cardigan (90% complete)
Strawberries & Lace Scarf (75% complete)
Alden’s Slouchy Hat (60% complete)

The other night, I spent the evening weaving in all the numerous loose ends of my Leafless Cardigan. Usually, I’m not very good at finishing projects and dread the “weave in all ends” part the pattern. So, I decided to Google search an easier, faster, and prettier way of doing this dreaded task. This is the link I found: Knitty: Techniques with Theresa. If you haven’t already read this article and applied it to your knitting repertoire, then I highly suggest you do. Theresa’s techniques have been a life-saver for me!  And I actually enjoyed weaving in the ends of my cardigan.  Go figure!


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