What’s on the needles….

Now that I’ve finished two projects, I’ve decided to tackle a tougher pattern to give myself a knitting challenge this summer. The Flutter Sleeved Lace Blouse by Sweaterbabe is a fantastic pattern and the beautiful cotton yarn (Farmhouse Cotton Blossom by Dixie) I found in my stash matches this breezy, summertime knit perfectly.  The only complaint I have so far is the variation of color in my yarn, which seems to be taking away from the cable and lace collar.  However, I think I’ll be pleased with my results once I start picking up stitches to knit the yoke and body of the sweater next week.

Cable & Lace collar

2 thoughts on “What’s on the needles….”

    1. Hi Judy!

      Thank you so much! So far, I’m really enjoying the pattern and seeing how the colors of the yarn are coming together. I love all of Sweaterbabe’s patterns… they’re so easy to read and make knitting a breeze. 🙂

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