New Yarn Company Obsession

I develop an obsessive compulsive disorder when I find a new yarn and/or yarn company and immediately have the urge to spend money. I’m not satisfied with just browsing the online shop or perusing the various fibers in a store. The urge to spend hits me hard, usually before I’ve had time to decide which patterns would look good with the new purchase. My latest craze is Tanis Fiber Arts and after discovering her shop through the online knitting world, I have decided that I just can’t be satisfied with myself or my knitting unless I try some of this newfound yarn. I’ve read so many great reviews and the itch has just intensified over the past few weeks that now I’m forced to place an order. So, my first purchase at TFA will be for 2 skeins of the Green Label in Charcoal and 1 skein of the Blue Label in Shadow.  What will I be making with these precious fiber gems, you ask??  You’ll have to wait and find out!


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